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Enhancing quality of care at QScan Radiology Clinics

  • 09.11.2021

We completed a full redesign and upgrade of QScan Radiology Clinics’ existing connections to Telstra fibre services, helping equip one of Australia’s most trusted medical imaging providers with a dependable network that it can rely on. We spoke with QScan’s Group Executive for IT Operations, Jeff Clancey, about how this new resilient network is improving healthcare opportunities for doctors and patients alike.

About the Client

QScan Radiology is a diagnostic medical imaging practice with over 80 sites across Australia. It supports its patients with expert imaging technology that helps to prevent injuries, detect musculoskeletal issues and diagnose critical illnesses so they can receive the right treatments in the most timely manner. With people’s healthcare on the line, the availability and reliability of network communications is critical to the overall operations of QScan. Doctors’ systems must not only remain online, but they must also work seamlessly to deliver the best possible outcomes for people in need of critical care.

The Client’s Challenge

During a period of rapid expansion, QScan saw its clinic base almost quadruple from an initial 20 sites to over 80 in a matter of months. With coverage expanding into regional areas and the pandemic pushing even more activities and services online, QScan found itself in a situation where its network infrastructure was battling to keep up. Downtime was becoming a major concern, with the realisation that the pressure on the internet wasn’t temporary, but would only get worse with time.

“We see hundreds to thousands of patients a day across the entire group. For us, any downtime at all can create a significant impact to the operations of the business. Where doctors can’t report, patients can’t be booked into the system, they can’t be scanned on CT or MRI scanner or receive an X-ray,” says Jeff.

With the potential for downtime to have a serious impact on people and their livelihoods, it was abundantly clear that the organisation would require a scalable, resilient and future proof communications network that would withstand the tests of time. QScan understood that network resilience and a redundant connection would have to be a crucial component of this going forward – not just to avoid downtime, but to scale with the business and deliver the very best outcomes to patients for the long term. As a result, the team engaged NetSG for our expertise in delivering the most reliable and dependable network solutions on the market.

The NetSG Solution

With a firm focus on patient wellbeing, NetSG worked to establish the best last mile connectivity. NetSG proudly partners with all carriers on the market to find the most suitable solution for each of our customers. Given that a range of QScan’s sites are outside of CBDs and can also be located within hospitals across the country, working with Telstra Wholesale meant we could deliver premium network connections to QScan’s multiple sites, Australia-wide. This robust network solution was designed to provide maximum peace of mind, ease and efficiency, making life better for doctors and patients alike.

Jeff is happy to report that downtime is now a thing of the past, with the upgraded network solution producing seamless results and improving patient
outcomes. Not only is the network able to accommodate the organisation’s current needs, but Jeff says he feels confident that it will also be able to accommodate any future business growth, with the Telstra backbone able to extend even further into the regions.

“A full network upgrade to Telstra fibre services was the only path forward, to ensure decent connectivity and reach in regional centers,” says Jeff, “NetSG have been excellent at delivering service management, providing only the best solutions. We feel very confident working with them.”

The improvements from NetSG and the Telstra Wholesale network have been felt in different ways across the business, from risk reduction through to patient satisfaction.
Jeff says: “it just makes our lives a whole lot easier knowing that the network is reliable and has resilience built into its core.”

QScan can now be agile, in a world where online health is making a massive difference to people’s health and wellbeing. By adopting new technologies with the potential to increase the accuracy and efficiency of patient diagnosis, QScan now has the foundation to go the extra mile in providing the best possible diagnostic care available to Australians. With a cutting-edge communications network in place, QScan can confidently face a rapidly expanding clinic base. It is also extremely well-equipped to embrace new-generation equipment and the increased data requirements that come with this.