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Working with NCIS Group to deliver future-proof communications infrastructure

  • 24.02.2022

A partnership spotlight

NetSG is a partner-focussed and led organisation. We work with our partners – often as an extension of their teams – to deliver seamless, state-of-the-art network solutions to customers. NCIS Group is one of these valued partners. We support NCIS by supplying wholesale fibre lead-in services to some of Australia’s top aged care providers, including Sawtell Catholic Care, Italian Aged Care and Mark Moran Group. We spoke with NCIS Group’s Managing Director, Dean Beaumont, about how partnering with us has helped NCIS expand its offering and maximise value for customers.

About NCIS Group

NCIS Group is a specialist integration company that equips facilities with GPON Fibre IT infrastructure that drives innovation and growth and reduces risk. Specialising in Aged Care and Hospitality, NCIS provides enterprise-grade reliability, vastly improving the end-user experience and customers competitive advantage through technology. NCIS’ high-performing ultra-resilient GPON network solution supports the latest internet technologies and a full suite of managed services. With all networks running through one reliable provider, NCIS customers enjoy a cost-effective and high-functioning network solution that’s scalable to their long-term infrastructure needs.

NCIS Group’s challenge

Prior to partnering with us, NCIS anticipated that it was only a matter of time before advanced Cloud-connectivity, new AI technologies and breakthroughs in telehealth, eHealth and camera technology became the norm in aged care. It was clear that NCIS would require a more agile lead-in wholesaler to sustain customers’ data needs as they inevitably embraced new technologies over time. To secure these capabilities, NCIS engaged NetSG to deliver future-ready wholesale solutions to help aged care providers improve quality of care.

NetSG’s wholesale lead-in solution

Dean is pleased to report that NCIS Group infrastructure, carried by NetSG’s wholesale fibre lead-in, is delivering a reliable and cost-effective end-to-end solution to customers. Dean says: “Working together as a team in each of our specialities allows us to provide an effective end-to-end service. This means we can make full use of NetSG’s fast fibre lead-in to totally maximise customer satisfaction.”

Here are some of the main ways our partnership is adding value for NCIS:

Seamless and reliable connectivity for customers

Recent speed tests conducted by an external party confirm customers are receiving a fast and reliable solution that’s able to embrace the latest technologies. NCIS’ aged care clients are pleased to report that they’re gaining both high-speed resident and business access through the NetSG fibre link, and that their backend infrastructure is having no trouble handling the rising bandwidth created by new Cloud-based solutions. This leaves them well-equipped to make full use of technologies that monitor residents’ health and wellbeing, ensuring care teams can quickly detect any health issues and provide new treatment interventions that save lives.

Dean says: “Working with NetSG gives us more control, clarity and reliability in the services we can offer to our customers. NetSG’s dedicated and committed service means customers don’t need to think about bandwidth – it’s always there, performing reliably behind the scenes.”

Ongoing support and savings for the business

Dean highlights that NCIS has seen major cost savings working with NetSG – receiving a gigabyte of data at a fraction of the price it was paying from previous purchases. In addition, the constant support provided ensures critical network operations remain reliable. Our succinct real-time monitoring of data, performance and service delivery through NetSG’s custom built portal, NetPortal is providing NCIS with comprehensive end-to-end visibility. This has made life easier from a project management perspective, saving NCIS and its customers from faults and downtime across the board.

“Since we started working with NetSG, our business has gone from strength to strength. Not only in the expansion of our offering, but in our ability to provide a solution that’s seamless, faultless and scalable to the future. We’re confident that NetSG has the products to help us expand into new markets safely, reliably and effectively,”
Dean Beaumont

Dean Beaumont

Looking to transform your network solutions? NetSG can connect your customers to high-speed connectivity services, while maintaining visibility, security and control. We’ll tailor your solution to your needs so you can get the results you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

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