Data & Voice Services


The right partner for your SD-WAN transition

For customers moving to an SD-WAN solution, regardless of vendor, our network provides the ideal platform to build a high performance, flexible network.

Internet Platform optimised for your SD-WAN

Utilising NetSG Business Internet in all office and Data Centre locations, ensures that site to site traffic, sensitive traffic such as VoIP and access to popular private cloud platforms never leaves our backbone. This allows to us provide guarantees around availability and performance not available when operating across the open Internet in a mixed provider scenario.



Managed Secure SD-WAN

For customers looking for the turn-key experience, NetSG offers a Managed Secure SD-WAN solution based on Fortinet® and Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Firewall and SD-WAN technology. Our Managed Secure SD-WAN offering delivers all the solution benefits whilst letting our expert team manage the security and availability of your network.

Proactive 24x7x365 management and monitoring by our Australian based expert team.

High performance Internet services via Fibre, Fixed Wireless, NBN and Cellular Access on the NetSG network backbone.

Complete solution design, deployment, and migration services, ensuring a turn-key experience.

Flexible hardware rental model, removing upfront cost barriers for a new deployment.

Access to Multi-tenant Monitoring and Orchestration platforms – providing complete control and visibility into the SD-WAN for a fraction of the cost of investing in these platforms outright.

Geo-diverse Hosted Virtual Edge appliances operating within our core network, providing high performance, reliable hubs for the SD-WAN deployment.

Managed Certificate Authorities, simplifying security and deployment and removing the need for customers to host these critical services in their own data centres.

Solution Benefits


Our expert team of architects and engineers

ensure the network is designed and implemented properly with a detailed understanding of customer requirements


Australian-based support, available 24×7

ensuring quick and effective support for our customers critical network operations


Diverse connectivity to all major Cloud providers allowing customers to implement their Multi-Cloud strategy whilst maintaining security and enjoying simplified implementation


We partner with all major domestic carriers

and a wide range of international carriers to ensure the best reach available


Our customers gain access to our advanced service portals

including NETPORTAL, our in-house developed service management platform, ensuring your support teams have all the information at hand