Cloud and DC Interconnect


Cloud and DC Interconnect

A simplified path to Cloud and DC environments

Expand your IP WAN or SD-WAN to include our high speed, private connectivity to DC and Private Cloud providers

Cloud Connect

We operate ports in our points of presence from both Equinix Cloud Exchange and Megaport, providing reach to most major Cloud providers and Data Centre sites globally. The “Virtual Cross Connects” (VXC) created on these platforms can be leveraged for a variety of uses, including:

  • Partner Connectivity – one of the options for connecting to and consuming NetSG services is to establish a VXC to one or more of our POP locations. This allows us to deliver all our Data and Voice products to the partner directly over the VXC with customer and service segmentation.
  • Service Delivery – all our Data and Voice products can be delivered over a VXC, including but not limited to Ethernet, IP WAN, IP Transit and SIP Voice. This is a popular option as a single physical port in a data centre location can typically provide all the required connectivity for an Enterprise or Partner.
  • Connection to Public / Private Cloud – all the popular Cloud providers are available via VXC. These Cloud services can also be meshed with other services with Multi-Cloud routing taken care of on the NetSG network.
  • Data Centre Interconnect – for customers looking for a scalable, short term connectivity option between two Data Centre locations, the point to point VXC is a great option. Providing simple point to point Layer 2 connectivity with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

Data Centre Interconnect

Leverage our Australia and New Zealand MPLS backbone to connect your Data Centres. We operate path diverse, high speed metro and inter-capital connectivity providing a low latency, highly available platform for your Cloud, DC and Disaster Recovery requirements. Speeds are available from 20Mbps to 10Gbps and can be ramped up and down rapidly depending on customer demand.


We provide a Multi-Cloud connectivity platform for customers looking to connect to multiple Private Cloud providers. We remove all the complexity in dealing with BGP routing and aggregation of services and deliver a full meshed Multi-Cloud WAN solution. This service allows the Cloud platforms to securely communicate across our carrier network in a dedicated private IP network, as well as provide seamless connectivity to all the customers’ existing sites and services. All Public and Private Cloud providers available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange and Megaport platforms can be incorporated into this solution.


Flexible bandwidths and contract terms available. Bandwidths ranging from 20Mbps through to 10Gbps with easy upgrades and downgrades available.

International Coverage

Domestic and International network coverage ensuring consistent performance across all your critical business locations. We have extensive last mile coverage via our 15+ carrier partners

Australian based 24x7 support

Our team of Australian based network experts available 24×7 to support your critical network operations

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Netportal™ Access

Access to our Customer portal – Netportal™ – providing visibility into network utilisation and availability, support and maintenance activities and service inquiries, you’ll have all the operational information at a click of a button

Solution Benefits


Our expert team of architects and engineers

ensure the network is designed and implemented properly with a detailed understanding of the partner and customer requirements


Australian-based support, available 24×7

1ensuring quick and effective support for your customer’s critical network operations.


Diverse connectivity to all major Cloud providers allowing customers to implement their Multi-Cloud strategy whilst maintaining security and enjoying simplified implementation


We partner with all major domestic carriers

and a wide range of international carriers to ensure the best reach for your customer base


Our partners gain access to our suite of operations tools

including our SevOne monitoring platform, ensuring your technical teams have all the information at hand